The Challenge

Nordic Northwest Board of Directors have collectively pledged $100,000+ in support of Nordic Northwest’s mission during these trying times.  Each and every board member has contributed toward this initiative.  The Board of Directors has committed this generous pledge in the hopes of challenging its membership to match their collective gifts.


We’ve all been through a lot in the last two years.  No one could have anticipated the duration of the pandemic or the impact it would have on our community.  During this time, we have been adopting programs to include hybrid and virtual options wherever possible and will continue to do so in the future.  Your support will ensure that Nordic Northwest can continue to offer programs and exhibits that highlight, honor, educate, communicate, promote & celebrate Nordic culture and traditions, ancestral, modern and contemporary.

Investment Impact

A total of $200,000+ is needed to maintain operations and meet our mission.  Your investment will allow Nordic Northwest to continue to adapt to a rapidly changing landscape, making our organization more innovative, nimble and tight-knit. 


The Goal

The Board Challenge Campaign Goal is to raise $200,000+ by December 31, 2021.  The Board of Directors have exceeded their $100,000 goal and collectively pledged $116,500 and is turning to its stakeholders with a stretch goal to match their generosity and raise $233,000.

Nordic Northwest

Founded in 1986, as the Scandinavia Heritage Foundation to support the Nordic language programs at Portland State University.  In 2015 Nordia House was opened and the organization changed its name to Nordic Northwest.  With the opening of Nordia House, the organization was able to greatly expand.  Today, Nordic Northwest offers more than 100 cultural events annually to introduce new generations of Nordic and non-Nordic descent alike to the stories of the past and together to celebrate a rich heritage through history, performance, cuisine and art.  

Our Mission

Nordic Northwest is a non-profit corporation focused on the five Nordic Nations of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.  The mission of Nordic Northwest is to:


Highlight, honor, educate, communicate, promote and celebrate Nordic culture and traditions, ancestral, modern and contemporary.

Provide value and serve members by developing and making available and accessible Nordic cultural and educational programming that is rich, authentic and forward thinking.

We invite you to join us!

To learn more, please contact, Jodi Lippert, Executive Director

Phone: 503-977-0275  │  Email: │

8800 SW Oleson Road, Portland, OR  97223