Aase Besson

Board Member

Aase Besson was born in Denmark, lived in Spain and Germany, and was enticed to the Northwest in 1974 after meeting and marrying a retired US Navy officer from Oregon while in Germany. She has two children and has been a resident of Lake Oswego since arriving. She has been passionately involved in Scandinavian cultural activities in the Northwest since then working on various Scandinavian Heritage Foundation and Nordic Northwest committees as well as earning two Bachelor degrees from Portland State University in German and in Spanish. She is passionate about sharing Nordic culture and in love with life.

If you could pick only one place in the Nordic countries to visit, where would it be?

Since I was born in Denmark, and lived there until 22, that is the country I would like to visit. Since I have an American and a Danish passport, I have been back to visit about 65 times since 1974!

Favorite Nordic Food?

My absolute favorite Danish food is the typical Danish Christmas dinner, consisting of roasted duck, stuffed with apples and prunes and served with red cabbage and caramelized small potatoes. Dessert? Ris a la Mande (cooked rice mixed with whipped cream and cherry sauce on top)