Dirk Schulbach

Board Member

Dirk comes from a long heritage of contribution to the Nordic Community. His parents Roy and Harriet were on the Board of SHF in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, and members of the SHF Founders Club. His wife Pirjo has been active in NNW and predecessor organizations, and various Finnish organizations for nearly four decades. He has actively contributed for over 16 years in everything from Forest Team Trolls, Vintage Sale, auctions, Scanfair and much more. He has degrees in both Food Science and Technology as well as a Masters of Business Administration. He retired from his work as a Food Scientist in the food manufacturing industry, operations management and owner’s representative in food plan construction/start up in 2002. He is passionate about his volunteer work and has served as Volunteer Treasurer for Oregon Section of Institute of Food Technologists 3 years, Finlandia Foundation Columbia Pacific Chapter 10 years and Finlandia Foundation National 6 years. Team Troll! member. Grilli Makkara chef at Helsinki Cafe at Midsommar.

Why is Nordic Northwest special to you?

Over the years, SHF/NNW has been a community of friends who enjoy volunteering and working together. The life-long friendships Pirjo and I have formed through our volunteer work, our shared Nordic cultures and our long history in the organization make NNW special to us.

What is your favorite Nordic Holiday?

I like Christmas, because ScanFair is such a fun event for the whole community. So many people out and active, music, dance, foods, crafts, shopping for Nordic goods, traditional costumes being worn, and Lucia crowning. For me, ScanFair is the start of the Christmas holidays, and my favorite Nordic event of the year.