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Edward Running

Board Member

Edward Running has been an Associate Partner at FFA Architecture and Interiors, Inc. since 2017 with 24 years of experience working as an architect in the Portland area. Edward’s primary role has been to lead teams as a Project Designer of public, community and academic buildings. From 1998 to 2000, Edward held a teaching position in architecture, landscaping, furniture, and interior design at DIS of the Royal Academy of Art and Architecture and the Danish Design School in Copenhagen, Denmark. He holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from University of Oregon (1998) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Pacific Lutheran University (1992). Currently, Edward serves on the Advisory Board for the Architecture Department of the UO College of Design, Foundation Chair of Augustana Lutheran Church in Portland and a Land-use Committee Member of Prince of Life Lutheran Church in Oregon City.

Why is Nordic Northwest special to you?

Nordic Northwest is special to me because of the connection to my family heritage and a deep influence this region of the world has had on my education and professional life. It is in this unique cultural spirit that it also connects to our world today and the community.

What is your favorite Nordic Holiday and why?

ulefrokost, this celebratory Christmas feast borrowed from my time in Copenhagen has become a special time I have shared many times with dear friends, steeped in tradition yet always reinvent to reflect the spirit of those in attendance and the time.

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