Kim Bergenser

Board Member

Kim comes from Copenhagen and his family was the first in Denmark to take on the Bergenser name. He and his family have lived overseas since 1966, in South Africa, Singapore, Belgium, Indonesia, Poland, UK and settled in 1999 in Julie USA. Kim was married for 44 year to Mary McInnes and has three children, Corea, Julie, and Jens, and eight grandchildren. He moved in with his youngest daughter and her husband Jay and his 3 grand boys Jens, Anders and Mads.
Kim has been involved in many Danish/Scandinavian/Nordic societies during his stay around the world, and was in charge of the Scandinavian Society and their Soccer Section and Balut club in Singapore where he lived for 11 years. He joined the Nordic Northwest Board of Directors in April 2016 to give the Danes more representation.
He is currently Chair of the Program & Midsummer Committees - as well as member on the Digital Committee.
He is hopeful that his world-wide experience with all nationalities will benefit the organizations. Kim is very active in playing Veterans (O70/75) soccer (He won the O70 World Cup when played in Japan twice – first Tokyo 2017 and then Osaka 2019) and manages 4 O60/65/70/75 NC United soccer teams who plays in tournaments in SA, Canada, Japan and Denmark. In his spare time he runs 5-6 times a week, plays golf (His handicap is 3 – his wife, his iron, and his wood). He enjoys the outdoors, good music, films, shows, and travel and share this with his lady-friend Aase Beaulieu – who is well known in the NNW circles.


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