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Board of Directors Meeting Summary

Nordic Northwest’s volunteer Board of Directors met on April 27 through video conferencing. The Board discussed the Coronavirus Pandemic and its impact on Nordic Northwest. Events have been postponed or canceled through the end of May. Postponed events are currently getting rescheduled after August. Nordic Northwest will invite and encourage guests to visit the grounds but practice safe social distancing. The Program Committee and other volunteer committees have been working on digital programming ideas to offer mission-driven cultural content due to Coronavirus Pandemic has forced social distancing which is encouraging people to gather differently and as part of our long-term strategy.

The Board of Directors approved the relocation and expansion of a storage stuga on the Fogelbo property. The shed needs to be relocated to improve vehicle access. New Sweden utilizes this storage and is funding the project. The board discussed its membership program and future raffle idea.

The March financial statements were reviewed. Due to closures and the pandemic, revenue is behind budget but costs have been reduced just to essential expenses or deferred. Net income was at a loss of $18,725 but better that budgeted. In April Nordic Northwest received a CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief & Economic Security) Act loan and if we meet criteria the loan will be forgiven.

In developing Nordic Northwest’s future strategic plan, feedback has been gathered and compiled from Town Hall meetings, survey, volunteer committees and meetings with Nordic organizations and other external organizations. The Board will utilize this stakeholder information to develop its future. A facilitator has been hired who will aid the Board Members in developing a plan and lead a series of six planning sessions in May and June.

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