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Cook & Eat


Learn to make some of the Nordic countries' most iconic dishes, traditional and modern.

Friday Night Lecture Series

Held at Nordia House, this series presents speakers on a variety of

Nordic topics.

Our annual scholarship for young women of Nordic descent in Oregon and SW Washington.

Lucia, Queen of Light Scholarship



Take your Nordic knowledge abroad with our partners in Northern travel.

Scandinavian of

the Year Award

Learn about our past winners

and how to nominate

someone you know. 

Celebrate the coming of spring with our annual family-friendly

craft & game day.


Nordic Carnival


NNW is the home to a vast array of original Nordic programs. Learn about each of our signature programs here: from cooking classes to Christmas markets, women's scholarships to international travel partnerships. We've got what you're looking for and the list is only growing...


Take a look for yourself

A two-day old-world feature that's among the biggest Nordic Christmas markets in the PNW!



Nordic Nights

Auction & Gala

Our annual auction & gala fundraiser: it's the biggest party

of the year at Nordia House.

Midsummer Festival

Held annually at Oaks Park, Midsummer is the only way to kick off a truly Nordic solstice.

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Through these programs, and more, we seek to introduce new generations to stories of the past and cultivate intergenerational dialogue about a Nordic future.

Through our original, on-site program lineup, we as an organization highlight the past, present and future of Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden at local and global scales. We are an inclusive community, welcoming to those of Nordic and non-Nordic descent alike and seek to uphold the ideals of the contemporary Nordic countries, including sustainability, egalitarianism and a deep connection to nature. 

Want to get involved? Become a sustaining member to get a first-look at all our events throughout the year! 

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