Taught by Gayle Oram

Rosemaling is Norway's traditional decorative folk painting that was used to decorate wooden items commonly used in daily life, such as ale bowls, stools, and chairs. Using stylized techniques made up of fantasy flowers, scroll work and fine line work, and flowing patterns give rosemaling its unique feel.

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Try Your Hand at Rosemaling!

February 25 & 26, 2023, 10 AM - 2 PM

Nordia House




This is an extension of the beginning class for those who have some experience, so it's important to be able to paint the basic strokes.  Be sure to bring your supplies from before, brushes and palette knife, plus paper towels, practice paper, water container. You will receive a larger basecoating brush plus two surfaces. The first class we will learn base coating a wood surface which will be the "Welcome" sign project for the second class. We will also paint a small 6" plate.  Both projects will be in the Os style which comes from the Hordaland district in western Norway.  One of the original painters came from Sweden and incorporated his home country's style with the Hordaland style.  That's why it looks quite Swedish and had brighter colors. 

Come join this class and increase your experience in painting strokework. 

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Meet your instructor, Gayle Oram

Gayle’s painting career covers more than forty years. She says it’s unbelievable, and is so thankful that she has been able to make a living with her passion to paint. Gayle first encountered Rosemaling in 1977 when her family moved to Petersburg, Alaska. It was a Norwegian fishing settlement and there was Rosemaling painted on store fronts. Over the years Gayle has conducted seminars, local classes and written eight books.

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