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Kathi Ketcheson

Board Member

Kathi Ketcheson has an extensive background as a director of institutional research and planning as well as a Research Professor Emerita at Portland State University. Over the course of her career she served on several committees, conducted statistical research and authored papers. She additionally held the titles of president and officer of the Portland/Bologna Sister City Association, and taught Italian language classes for Portland Community College. She holds a deep appreciation of the community spirit that Nordic Northwest promotes through our programs and events.

If you could pick only one place in the Nordic countries to visit, where would it be?

My grandmother and great-grandmother emigrated from Iceland to Canada in 1898, but I have yet to visit. I would like to go there and find the location of the farm where they lived and the port from which they set sail to an unknown world.

What is your favorite Nordic Holiday and why?

Jule! It is a holiday full of light and warmth and beautiful traditions as well as a time for crafting and cooking together. I am interested in Nordic knitting and this time of year inspires me to take on new projects. And, of course, I love our Nordic Northwest Scanfair!

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