Nordic Northwest hosts historical, archival and fine art exhibitions in our Gallery Hall. 


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Decorative Berries
November, 2020 - January 14, 2021
Holiday Exhibit

Experience the sights, sounds, tastes, and traditions of a Nordic Christmas by checking out our ScanFair exhibit at Nordia House.

Join our 2019-2020 Lucia, Grace Pegnone, as she walks us through the ScanFair Nordic Christmas Exhibit!


Also learn about Nordic Holiday traditions and enjoy a festive atmosphere with a virtual tour of our ScanFair Exhibit

January, 2021 - March, 2021
Fogelbo & Steiner

Details coming soon!

Father and Daughter
April, 2021 - August, 2021
Swedish Dads

Details coming soon!

September, 2021 - December, 2021
Sámi Dreams

In just a few decades, the Sámi, Northern Europe's only indigenous people, have leapt from second-class status with schools that banned their language to becoming a semi-autonomous people with parliaments in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Now, they are grappling with new threats to their cultural survival, such as industrial and energy developments on ancestral lands. With a front-row seat to climate change, the Sámi have also watched as rapid shifts in ecosystems north of the Arctic Circle increasingly threaten their way of life.


The Sámi have much to say about climate and cultural change in northern Scandinavia. This collection of portraits and interviews, curated by accomplished journalist and photographer Randall Hyman, is intended to be a platform for the Sámi to speak frankly and directly to Americans and Scandinavians alike, sharing their concerns about a world that is swiftly changing around them. With each photo, viewers can listen as portrait subjects speak directly to them in their native language.

Randall Hyman, Ana Maria Eira

January, 2023 - May, 2023
New Nordic Cuisine

This exhibition focuses on a Nordic value-driven food system that has captured the attention of world-famous chefs and home cooks alike over the past 15 years.

The 2004 Nordic Food Manifesto articulated a set of values for approaching food through the lenses of local production, seasonality, ethical production, and innovation. The manifesto has sparked a robust dialog about food culture, both in the Nordic countries and around the world. By examining Nordic food trends in a light-hearted, interactive format, this exhibition introduces visitors to contemporary Nordic food and its driving values today.

Accompanying the exhibition is the Nordic Cuisine YouTube channel, which brings stories to people from recipe demonstrations to restaurant tours, to interviews with influential chefs and foodies. 

This exhibition was organized by the Museum of Danish America, Elk Horn, Iowa. 


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