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Jeff Klein

Nominations Due October 12, 2019

Awarded each year, this honor seeks to recognize those making a difference in the Nordic community... and beyond.

Scandinavian of the Year is a prestigious award given annually by Nordic Northwest to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to their organization and to the wider Scandinavian community in the Pacific Northwest.

Jeff Klein, our very own emcee at our 2018 Midsummer festival, was nominated this year by the VASA Lodges Nobel and Harmoni, New Sweden Cultural Heritage Society and the Swedish Society Linnea. This is not the first time Jeff has been nominated for this honor and that fact comes as no surprise since he has been actively contributing to our Nordic community since he danced with the VASA Rosebuds in his youth. Within all his Swedish organizations, Jeff is known as an organized worker who completes tasks thoroughly and in a timely manner. He has held some of the most esteemed titles within the VASA Order, from Chairman of the Nobel lodge to District Master, and he serves as Nobel Lodge’s delegate to the League of Swedish Societies, for which he acts as secretary. Jeff’s dedication to the VASA dancers has been constant over the years and he has contributed to them not only as a dancer but as a teacher and accomplished musician, performing on both the piano and accordion. His compositions always delight his listeners and anyone who’s heard him play knows how deeply his love of music goes.

Congratulations to Jeff Klein, our 2018 Scandinavian of the Year award-winner.

The 2018 Scandinavian of the Year Award Recipient, Jeff Klein, photographed by Michelle Bauer.


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