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Nordic Northwest is pleased to offer field trips starting January 2024!


Visit the magical woods of Nordic Northwest and meet Ole Bolle, our resident giant troll nearly two stories tall and made entirely of recycled materials. Created by Danish recycle artist Thomas Dambo, Ole Bolle is part of the public art project Northwest Trolls: Way of the Bird King – ten giant trolls across the U.S. united by a secret story soon to be revealed. Ole Bolle and the other five trolls located in Seattle, are part of the artist’s even larger endeavor to build a Trail of a 1,000 Trolls all around the globe.

Fashioned out of recycled materials, the art installations turn trash into treasured trolls who tell a tale of protecting nature and honoring our land. In Nordic mythology and folklore, trolls are known to be fierce protectors of nature. With Ole Bolle as starting point and inspiration, our field trips provide guided educational activities that spark the imagination and build upon classroom learning.

“In nature there is no landfill. Nature is circular, everything has a meaning, and everything is recycled.”

– Thomas Dambo, Recycle Artist




Field trips are available for groups of 10-40 students. We welcome all educational groups, including K-12 and college, public, private, and homeschools, as well as scout and cultural/community groups. An adult chaperone must be present for every eight K-12 students.


Field trips are two hours, and $7 per student (no charge for adult chaperones or teachers). Scholarships are available to cover fees for Title 1 schools.

Field trip bookings must be made at least two weeks prior to chosen visit date.


Please use the form below to request a visit. Our Youth Program Coordinator will reply quickly to confirm your request and answer any questions. Contact by phone as well at (971) 277-5058.


Contact us with questions or to schedule a visit!

Thanks! Message sent.



We are so grateful for the time and energy put into our field trip. All of the information and directions were incredibly clear and helpful. There was a lot of work into making sure that everyone felt welcome and comfortable. All the information you shared was intriguing and your Youth Program Coordinator is an enjoyable person to be around. I also noted that the attention to detail and taking care of everyone was not unnoticed.

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