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Members are welcomed into Nordic Northwest's large pan-Nordic family dedicated to preserving, communicating and celebrating Nordic cultures, values and traditions. Nordia House is a home for anyone interested in the Nordic countries, and we look forward to helping you discover more about the lands of the far north.

We are an inclusive community, welcoming to those of Nordic and non-Nordic descent alike, and seek to uphold the ideals of the contemporary Nordic countries, including sustainability, egalitarianism and a deep connection to nature. 

Become a member of Nordic Northwest to show your support and to stay informed of latest events and exhibits! Learn more below or call our front office at 503.977.0275.


Membership graphic.png


Student ($10)*

Discount on 1 Ticket per Event

* A student is defined as someone aged 16 to 25 years and currently attending high school or college full time. Proof of valid student ID (copy of student body card) required. 


Young Adult/Senior ($40)**

Discount on 1 Ticket per Event

** A young adult is defined as someone up to 30 years of age, a senior as someone aged 62 years or more. 

Basic/Senior Couple** ($50)

Discount on 2 Tickets per Event


Family ($80)

Discount on up to 4 Tickets per Event


Supporting ($150)   

Discount on up to 4 Tickets per Event

2 Complimentary tickets to Midsummer or ScanFair

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