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 Members are welcomed into Nordic Northwest's large pan-Nordic family dedicated to preserving, communicating and celebrating Nordic cultures, values and traditions.

Nordia House is a home for anyone interested in the Nordic countries, and we look forward to helping you discover more about the lands of the far north.

We are an inclusive community, welcoming to those of Nordic and non-Nordic descent alike, and seek to uphold the ideals of the contemporary Nordic countries, including sustainability, egalitarianism and a deep connection to nature. 

Become a member of Nordic Northwest to show your support and to stay informed of latest events and exhibits! Learn more below or call our front office at 503.977.0275.

Member Feature!

Our members can use the "member login" feature, which is a really cool "shortcut" that will let you log into our database, quickly sign up for events and programs, update your contact information, renew your membership, and access your historical transactions. The basic parts of it are accessible to all of our members, and we continue to add more. Please let us know if you have any trouble logging in and we will help.
You can access the login here.
FIRST LOGIN: If this is the first time that you sign in this way, go to: “I forgot my login name or password” when the login window pops up and enter your e-mail address. It'll send you a link to create your login information. 


All members receive a newsletter, weekly email updates about Nordic events, advanced notice ticketing on programs, invitations to members-only events and discounts on most programs. Free entrance to Friday Night Lecture Series and access to Cook & Eat recipes.


When will the new membership benefits & levels go into effect?

February 1, 2023


Can I renew my membership at the current level & benefits?

Yes, you have time to do so until January 31, 2023, no matter when your membership expires this year. If you are due to renew in April, your membership would renew right now from April 2023-April 2024.


Membership Benefits - 2023 Graphic.png


Student ($10)*

Discount on 1 Ticket per Event

* A student is defined as someone aged 16 to 25 years and currently attending high school or college full time. Proof of valid student ID (copy of student body card) required. 


Young Adult/Senior ($40)**

Discount on 1 Ticket per Event

** A young adult is defined as someone up to 30 years of age, a senior as someone aged 62 years or more. 

Basic/Senior Couple** ($50)

Discount on 2 Tickets per Event


Family ($80)

Discount on up to 4 Tickets per Event


Supporting ($150)   

Discount on up to 4 Tickets per Event

2 Complimentary tickets to Midsummer or ScanFair

+ Additional benefits


Thor ($250)

+ All Supporting Membership Benefits 

+ Private Reception Opportunities


Odin ($500)

+ All Thor Membership Benefits

+ Free gift membership

+ 2 additional Midsummer or ScanFair tickets (4 total)


Freya ($1,000)

+ All Odin Membership Benefits

+ 1 Complimentary Ticket to Nordic Nights Auction & Gala 

+ Fika with Nordic Northwest


Interested in becoming an event or program corporate sponsor? Learn more here or call the front desk at 503.977.0275 for more information.

+ Additional benefits


Bronze Viking ($2,500)

+ All Freya Membership Benefits

+ 2 additional Midsummer or ScanFair tickets (6 total)

+ 1 Additional Complimentary Ticket to Nordic Nights Auction & Gala (total of 2 at this level)

+ Once Annual 10% Discount on the rental of any room at the Nordia House

(weddings excluded)


Silver Viking ($5,000)

+ All Bronze Viking Membership Benefits

+ Once Annual Discount on a Nordia House rental is increased to 50% (weddings excluded)

+ Reserved parking spot for large sold-out events. Contact office to make arrangements prior to event.

Gold Viking ($7,500)

+ All Silver Viking Membership Benefits

+ 4 additional Midsummer or ScanFair tickets (10 total)

+ 1 Complimentary Use of Nordia House for an event of your choice (weddings excluded)

+ Private Tour of Nordia House & Fogelbo for up to 10 people. Mutually agreed upon date.

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