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Join our permanent landscape with a Capital paver in honor of a loved one, an organization or Nordic business.

Contact us at 503.977.0275 to learn more!

NNW's Legacy Paver program offers the chance for you to pave the way for future generations and to celebrate and honor Nordic roots with a permanent remembrance. Directly outside our Great Hall is a gorgeous patio made up of more than 250 pavers; another smaller patio outside of our MLC Room can also accommodate paver requests.


Each paver is 2' x 2' and can be engraved with text or images to honor family members, ancestors, loved ones or anniversaries; consider making an engraving with an inspirational quote or special memorial. We also offer pavers to businesses and organizations who are also interested in expressing their support of our mission. Pavers are carefully maintained by our grounds crew and are seen by all of those who come through Nordia House. Contribute yours today and make your story part of Nordia House for decades to come.

Please note, pavers include up to 4 lines of text with up to 40 characters per line. Symbols may take up more space. All submissions are full customizable but also subject to approval with our engraver. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by Oregon law; consult with your financial advisor.

Interested in naming opportunities? We've got plenty! Become part of our permanent landscape at Nordia House. Call 503.977.0275 for all the ways to get involved.

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