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Marvel at the talents of Nordic artists and dance groups from around the Pacific Northwest.

There's always a great line-up of dancing groups, local talent, Nordic musicians, historic talks, kids acting troupes and much, much more! It's two days of non-stop live entertainment.


10 am


10:20 am


11:15 am


12:10 pm

1:00 pm


1:15 pm


1:30 pm


1:55 pm


2:50 pm


3:45 pm


5 pm


Revontuli (Finnish strings and woodwinds)

Liam Barnes and friends (Traditional Nordic folk dance tunes/songs)

Jimmy Granstrom (Contemporary music from Sweden and Oregon)

Scandinavian of the Year (Winner Announced)

Pickled Herring Eating Contest (sponsored by Broder Söder)

Timberhaven Vikings Fashion Show

Adams, Martin & Linahon (Ballads and more)

Tulehoidjad (Estonian traditional dance/music)

Dan Schlesinger (Brass music)


Show ends


10 am


10:20 am


10:45 am


11:40 am


12:20 pm


1:30 pm


2:10 pm


3:50 pm


4 pm


Timberhaven Vikings Fashion Show

Adams, Martin & Linahon (Ballads and more)

Vasa Youth Dancers (Swedish folk dance youth group)

Portland Nordic Chorus & Lucia Court of Oregon

Meatball Eating Contest sponsored by Scandinavian Cafe

SusseFusse (International folk dance youth troupe)

Raffle Drawing

Show ends



Revontuli ("Northern Lights") is Valerie Blessley and Jennifer Pratt-Walter. Valerie plays Finnish kantele, harp and woodwinds with fellow harp and kantele player Jennifer. They played at Midsummer and at the Naselle Finnish-American Folk Festival last July. Valerie has performed at Scan Fair several times as well in the past with the kantele group Livakat and as a solo performer. They have been performing together as Celtic Muse since 1995.

Liam Barnes

Liam has been playing accordion for fifteen years, and has loved Scandinavian music from a young age. He has traveled extensively by land and sea as a musician. After finally finding others who share a love of Swedish folk music, he is excited to be playing for the Nordic community. Liam connected with local musicians here and was about to join in playing for our regular Monday night Nordic social dance group when the pandemic hit. He was able to provide music for the League of Swedish Societies in 2021 along with Amy Hakanson. Liam is Icelandic on his Amma's side and loves the old sagas and rune songs.

Liam Barnes.png
Jimmy Scanfair 2022.png

Jimmy Granstrom

Jimmy Granstrom is a Swedish songwriter whose songs have been played in Sweden and Portland Radio Project (PRP) 99.1FM in Oregon, including Project Earthbridge's "2019 Again" which was in rotation on PRP for more than two years since its release in March 2021. Subsequent Project Earthbridge singles "Alicia" and "Made Of Stars" were selected for P4 Sörmland, which is a major Swedish radio channel equivalent to a regional BBC radio station in the United Kingdom. In addition, "When We Were Small" was on rotation on P4 Halland (another major Swedish radio station equivalent to a regional BBC station) as well as in Namibia and played on the radio in Uganda, Mexico and England. Finally, "Alicia" and "Made Of Stars" were also played on the radio in the countries above, as well as in France and Italy. A new remix of "Made Of Stars" was recently selected for rotation on PRP.


At Scanfair, he will play clips of Swedish Christmas songs and his original songs as well as translations of famous Swedish songs. He will also read Viktor Rydberg's famous Swedish poem "Tomten" as well as song introductions and lyrical excerpts from his songs.

Vasa Youth Group

The Vasa Rosebuds: Currently under the direction of Christine Smith. Vasa Rosebuds have routinely performed and led majstång dancing at Midsummer celebrations in Portland and Astoria. Within the past 5 years, they’ve traveled internationally to dance and participate in Midsummer celebrations in Sweden and Canada. In December they were featured at NNW ScanFair in Portland with a dance performance and a Lucia pageant. Additionally, they have performed many times at the Junction City Scandinavian Festival, participated yearly in the Junior Rose Festival Parade, and danced at many other local multicultural celebrations. They also performed at the Grand Opening of IKEA in Portland.

Vasa Youth Group.png
Timberhaven Vikings.jpeg

Timberhaven Vikings

The Timberhaven Vikings are Portland-area chapter of the Vikings of North America, a living history and reenactment group. They portray a lower or middle class person from the European Viking Age (793-1066 AD).

Dan Schlesinger

A contemporary approach to the traditional music, Dan will be performing Scandinavian folk tunes on euphonium with accompaniment. He plays a variety of styles of music, including jazz and classical, on euphonium & trombone. When the onset of the pandemic prevented musicians from performing alongside one another, Dan developed a "one man band" approach where he performs live as a single solo brass musician accompanied by backing tracks that creates a sound like an ensemble of instruments.

Robert Gustafson and Avi Gaston.jpeg

Robert Gustafson

Nordic Christmas and folk songs with vocals, fiddle and guitar. Robert kept in touch with their Scandinavian roots by way of music, dance and Nordic traditions as part of their heritage growing up. Robert has 6 years of Music Éducation and Masters vocal studies under directors of St. Olaf and Concordia College choral traditions. He directed the U. S. Army Chorus and created their first training program.

Tulehoidjad "Torch Bearers"

Tulehoidjad "Torch Bearers" is the Estonian folk dance group of Portland, Oregon. Formed in 1950, Tulehoidjad has taught Estonian folk dances to the four generations of Estonian immigrants and many American friends. Keeping Estonian traditions alive and teaching Americans about Estonian folk dance are the primary aims of Tulehoidjad folk dancers.

Torch Bearers Tulehoidjad.png
Portland Nordic Chorus.jpeg

Portland Nordic Chorus & Lucia Court of Oregon

Portland Nodic Chorus is a mixed community chorus celebrating their friendship and common interest in Nordic Culture and Music by rehearsing and performing music with a Scandinavian connection. They sing primarily in Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish, and English.

An Oregon tradition since 1956, the Lucia of Oregon scholarship program puts young women interested in Nordic heritage in touch with the beloved Lucia legend of Scandinavia, while offering them the opportunity to serve their community and receive scholarships.

Joseph Linahon 2.jpeg

Joseph Linahon

Weaving together song and story, Oregon folk musician Joseph Linahon delivers a performance teeming with lore and melody. Join us to witness traditionally styled music, calling back to a time when the mysteries of our world and riches untold spurred on fearless adventurers! Learn of lessons long since written and stories long since told in what promises to be a lively performance from a rising artist in the North West folk scene.

Süssefüsse International Folk Dance Troupe

Süssefüsse International Folk Dance Troupe was founded in 1985 by folk dance enthusiast Heidi Vorst who currently directs the classes and performances. Dancers wear international costumes to represent the many global cultures of our world and the dances they learn, as well as to connect to some of their own heritages. Süssefüsse has performed for farm workers, students, retired seniors, kings and queens, and has travelled and performed in both Japan and Hungary. They often perform locally in the Pacific Northwest for Scanfair and Midsommar, the Japanese Obon Festival, Portland's Polish Festival and Folklife in Seattle.

International Folk Dance Troupe Sussefusse.png
Adams, Martin & Linahon.jpeg

Adams, Martin, and Linahon

The trio of Adams, Martin and Linahon muster a unique performance steeped in history and stories old with a sound inspired by Celtic music throughout the ages. Long time friends and collaborators, these three performers have a lively chemistry on stage and present a list of songs and stories with multiple instruments and origins. Songs of love and rebellion, adventure and the old ways. Join us for a show you won’t want to miss!

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