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Experience your favorite Nordic food and beverages



Scandinavian Cafe 

Swedish meatballs in brown cream gravy with potatoes, lingonberry and bread roll, Danish medister pølse (sausage) with potatoes, gravy, red cabbage and bread roll, Scandinavian pancakes (crepe like) with berries and whipped cream, lefse, fresh pastries

Easy to Please

Grilled cheese sandwiches (Scandinavian flavors), tomato soup, chips

Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Image by Gio Bartlett

Danish Sisterhood of America,
Mt. Hood Lodge #81

Danish pastries.

Himmelbjerget/NW Danish Association

Aebleskiver w/ jam, coffee.

Image by Rasmus Gundorff Sæderup
Carina's Bakery - MidSummerFestPic.png

Carina's Bakery 

Scandinavian vegan baked goods including almond cake, cardamom buns, breads, holiday cookies, marzipan tarts, lingonberry tea, coffee, sausage rolls/mushroom pies.

Image by Madara Moroza

The Great Dane's


Hygge Chocolates

Chocolate bars, seasonal confections, spreads.

Hygge Chocolates_Product.jpg
Swedish Buns

Jamie's Kafferep

Swedish baked goods including kardemummaflätor (cardamom braids), kardemummabullar (cardamom buns), kanelbullar (cinnamon buns), lussekatter (saffron buns), mazariner (almond tarts), katalaner (raspberry almond tarts), and a selection of cookies.

Portland Estonian Society

Aleksander Tort (two layers of shortbread with raspberry filling between the layers and a lemon icing on top).

Rum Balls

Portland Nordic Chorus

Cardamom braids, fruited tea rings, rye bread, rum balls.

SVEA Bread and Cookies

Specialty breads and cookies.

Homemade Bread
Strawberry Croissants

La Frenchie Patisserie

French baked goods. 

Viking Soul Food

Signature lefse wraps, including beloved smoked salmon and lingonberries with cream cheese wraps, as well as sides and a hearty soup called Troll Hunter Stew.

Viking Soul Food Logo - wood background.png
swea-portland-symbol-original-rgb - Produkt Information.png

SWEA Portland

Baked goods.

Harmoni Lodge

Hot dogs, Swedish yellow pea soup, and meatballs.

Hot Dog and Chips


Oran Mor Artisan Meadery

Mead tastings and bottle sales for off premise consumption, mead horns, and merchandise.

Image by Elena Leya

Ridgewalker Brewing

Beer garden featuring samples and special guests.

Rolling River Spirits

Scandinavian spirit Aquavit with both aged and unaged varieties. Try with a pairing from Scandinavian Cafe.

Scan Fest_2018-8030.jpg
sjoblom glogg winery.jpg

Sjoeblom Winery

Featuring Glögg, Swedish infused wine.

Stillweather Spirits

Offering three unique spirits: two gins and an aquavit.

Image by Devin Berko
Vodka Soda

The Aimsir Distilling Co.

Distilled spirits: Vættir Aquavit, Seasonal Aquavit, Gin, Vodka, Bourbon

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