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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions about
Nordic Northwest, Nordia House, Fogelbo and Broder.





What is this building? What do you do here?

This is Nordia House, the home of Nordic Northwest. We introduce new generations to stories of the Nordic past, celebrate the values of contemporary Nordic societies and highlight new developments and innovations from Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden. We are an inclusive community, welcoming to those of Nordic and non-Nordic descent alike and seek to uphold the ideals of the contemporary Nordic countries, including sustainability, egalitarianism and a deep connection to nature. Within out cultural center we host Broder Söder, a Nordic inspired brunch cafe & Nordic Finn Ware, a Nordic gift shop.

Do you have a gift shop here?

Since November 2018 Nordic Finn Ware has been at Nordia House! This shop is an extension of

Finn Ware out of Astoria, OR and managed by owner Saara Matthews. Stop by to find your favorite Nordic treats & candies, home wares & baking supplies, novelty gifts, and holidays decorations. See more detail on our Nordic Store page!

What is that house over there next to Nordia House with the Swedish flag out front? Can we get a tour?

That house over there is Fogelbo, the residence of the former Honorary Swedish Vice Consul Ross Fogelquist. This historic home and two acres were deeded to Nordic Northwest in 2014. The estate has been featured frequently in newspapers, catalogs, television and on the web. Find out more on our Fogelbo page.


Scheduled tours of the house generally happen on a quarterly basis. Please give us a call at 503.977.0275 or subscribe to our email newsletter to be notified of our next upcoming tour dates. As the home is still a private residence, we are unable to accommodate one-off tours of Fogelbo.


Is Nordia House a museum?

We are a cultural center with an exhibit hall, which hosts travelling national exhibits on a variety of Nordic topics; a main hall, where larger events and activities are held, a gift shop, and an in-house Nordic cafe called Broder Söder.


Can I rent Nordia House?

Yes! Our Great Hall, Exhibit Hall and Conference Room and grounds are all available for rental. Please visit our Rental page to learn about amenities, logistics and more.


Do you do tours of Nordia House?

Yes, we do have architectural tours of Nordia House. The tours are generally 20 - 30 minutes in length. Find out more here and schedule a tour with us.


When did Nordia House open?

Nordia House opened in June of 2015.


Who is the architect of Nordia House? Who designed the doors?

Brian Melton of Di Loreto Architecture was the lead designer of Nordia House and Andersen Construction executed the designs. Nordic Northwest commissioned well-known wood sculptor Leroy Setziol to create the two doors for Nordia House but at 88, Setziol's health was deteriorating and he did not feel he could take on such a large project. Together with his daughter, artist Monica Setziol-Phillips, Leroy designed the doors for Monica to carve. Learn more about their work here.

Is Nordia House ADA Accessible?

Nordic Northwest is committed to making Nordia House an accessible destination for everyone. The Nordia House parking lot has two disability parking spots in the upper lot. A ramp through the upper lot as well as down to the front doors (automatic opening) of the building are in place. We strive to accommodate needs for all patrons; for building or event visits please call 503-977-0275 to arrange additional accommodations and event seating needs. (


I heard there’s a cafe here, is that correct?

You did hear correctly! Broder Söder is the in-house Nordic cafe that opened in August of 2015. The cafe serves a variety of Scandinavian fusion breakfast, brunch and lunch items, including lefse, æbleskiver, smørrebrød and more. Visit the Broder Söder page or call 971-373-8762 for more information.


Does Broder Söder take reservations?

Broder Söder does not take reservations.


Does Broder Söder serve dinner?

Broder Söder does not serve dinner at this time.

Gift Shop
ADA Information


Do I have to be of Nordic heritage to join as a member?

No, not at all! We welcome people of all different culture heritages to join the Nordic Northwest community, come to Nordia House and learn about Nordic culture. If you’ve ever been interested in immersing yourself in the culture of the lands of the far north, Nordia House is your home away from home. Find out more about becoming a member on our Membership page.


What are the benefits of membership?

There are many different benefits to being a member of Nordic Northwest, depending on which level of membership you decide on. All levels include discounted ticket prices. Visit our Membership page to learn about the  levels of memberships and the benefits of each.


I think I’m a member but I can’t remember. Is there some way I can find out?

Definitely. Just contact us at 503.977.0275 or email us to learn about your membership status. You can also login to our database through the member login.

What is the member login/constituent login? 

With our new database comes a fun new feature called the "member login," which is a really cool "shortcut" that will let you log into our database, quickly sign up for events and programs, purchase items at the store, update your contact information, renew your membership, and access your historical transactions. 

The basic parts of it are now accessible to all of our members, and will continue to grow in the future. Please let us know if you have any trouble logging in and we will help. 

How do I log in? 

FIRST LOGIN: If this is the first time that you sign in this way, go to: “I forgot my login name or password” when the login window pops up and enter your e-mail address. It'll send you a link to create your login information. 


What events do you have coming up?

We have all kinds of events happening year-round at Nordia House, including concerts, film screenings, lectures, classes, celebrations and more. Check out our Calendar page for the most up-to-date list of upcoming events.


I have a suggestion for an event. Who do I tell about it?

We welcome suggestions and ask that you give us a call at 503.977.0275


Are the exhibits free?

Yes, the exhibits are always free to view. We do have auxiliary programming around the exhibits (film screenings, lectures, dinners, etc.) that often have a suggested donation or fixed ticket price.


I didn’t have a chance to see the last exhibit. Do they ever rotate through again?

Because there are just so many fantastic exhibits out there, we are not repeating exhibits at this time. If you liked a particular exhibit, however, feel free to reach out to us at 503.977.0275 and we will be happy to tell you where we got it from. Also, check out Exhibits Archive page to see recaps of past shows!


Can I make a donation of Nordic or Scandinavian items?

At this time, we are only able to accept donations for our vintage sales. There is no permanent exhibition space at Nordia House. If you have an item to donate, please fill out a donation form and bring it by Nordia House. Pre-printed donation forms are also available at the front desk. Learn more on our Donate page!



Arts for All Program:


In partnership with the Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC). Nordic Northwest will provide $5 Arts for All tickets for selected events, as available, to individuals displaying an Oregon Trail Card or proof of SNAP benefits. A maximum of two tickets will be available per patron with an Oregon Trail Card. Arts for All ticket purchases may be made by credit card in advance and the Oregon Trail Card or letter awarding SNAP benefits displayed when tickets are retrieved at will call. Learn more about this program at


Are there any Nordic stores in the area?

Nordia House now has its own gift shop, Nordic Finn Ware, that sells Nordic treats, gifts and more! Additionally, there are a variety of Nordic restaurants/retailers in the Portland metro area, including Ingrid’s Scandinavian Food in Oregon City; Nordic Home, MÅURICE, Viking Soul Food, Guilder, Aalto Lounge, Broder Restaurants and IKEA in Portland; Scandinavian Gifts in Clackamas and Finn Ware in Astoria. For Downtown Portland stores selling smaller selections of Nordic goods, we recommend Yo! Vintage, Woonwinkel and Canoe. Learn more about local Nordic attractions on our Plan Your Visit page.


Do you sponsor tours abroad to Nordic Countries?

We will have future group tour opportunities to the Nordic Countries.


I have some old family letters in Norwegian/Swedish/Finnish/Danish/Icelandic --- do you have on-site translators?

While we do not have translators on staff, we are happy to connect you with possible translators in our member base. Please contact us at 503.977.0275 and let us know what language you need translated and what kind of document it is (letter, newspaper article, etc.)


I want to trace the genealogy of my family in Scandinavia. Do you help people trace their family trees?

We work with the Scandinavian Genealogical Society, which helps families trace their Nordic roots back to Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. They have resource files and speakers to help people find hometowns, obtain and interpret records of families and make contact with relatives. Meetings are on the third Saturday of the month at Portland State University in the Finnish Room (124 Cramer Hall). 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Contact: Jim Huff at 360.624.5918 or via email at

Do you provide travel consults or advice if I'm planning a trip to Scandinavia?

While we can do our best to connect you with someone in our organization who has experience or familiarity with a particular region, city or country, we don't offer official travel consulting. However, take a look at our Nordic Countries Index for information on embassies, transit, etc. It provides great links if you're looking to start your own Nordic adventure.

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