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Celebrate the Carnival season in the Nordic fashion with this family-friendly online event.


Fastelavn is a Nordic Carnival tradition where kids dress up in costumes, play games for prizes and make fun crafts, and eat traditional fastelavnsboller buns. The highlight of the event is the barrel-bashing, where kids hit a candy-filled barrel to scare away evil spirits..although nowadays the candy is the main goal! Even though we can't have Fastelavn this year, we've come up with some fun ways to celebrate at home!


1   Fastelavns Boller

Sweet, delicious, and historic, there's no better treat for the season. Make your own here.  

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2  Barrel Hunt!

Our resident trolls have hidden mini barrels along the trails. Bring your family and try to find one!

(Ends on 2/21/21)


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3  History of Fastelavn

What is Fastelavn? Why and how is it celebrated? Learn more here.

Fastelavn 2019


Who will be the Cat Queen or King? The Danish Fastelavn barrel is not like anything you find in the USA.  This Barrel is made out of wood, filled with candy and decorated with a black cat.  Find out how to make your own mini barrel here..   


5  Dress Up!

Costumes are part of the fun! Vikings are always a favorite at NNW, but we've seen some gnomes, fairies and winning soccer teams! Masks can be fun too, make your own here...  


6  Don't forget the Decor!

Fastelavnsris are a must! Find out how to make those and some other festive decorations here...   

Image by Adél Grőber

7  The black cat

Long ago the Black Cat was a symbol of evil, today he is a festive image of any Fastelavn celebration!  Decorate your own Festive cat here... 

Pink Feathers

8  Fastelavn over time

Looking back at the celebration of Fastelavn in the Pacific Northwest over the years. See it here. 

Fastelavn 2019

9  Fastelavn Sang

Learn the song Danish Children sing to get their sweet treats! 

Fastelavn is presented by

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Special thanks for Sara Winter of Nielsen's Jewelers and Maren Williams of Himmelbjerget Danish Camp for organizing Fastelavn 2021!