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Celebrate the Carnival season in the Nordic fashion with this family-friendly day at Nordia House!


Throw on your favorite costume and join us in February 2025 for an afternoon of crafts, games, fastelavnsboller, snacks, beverages, hilarities and a costume contest!

What is Fastelavn?

Fastelavn is a Danish holiday similar to Carnival or Fasching, marking the transition from winter to spring. Some of the special traditions and customs surrounding Fastelavn include decorating birch twigs (fastelavnsris), dressing up in masks and costumes, playing games, whacking a barrel full of candy, and singing the Fastelavn song about delicious cream-filled pastries (fastelavnsboller).

Who is Fastelavn for?

Fastelavn is for kids and adults alike! For the best Fastelavn experience we recommend children ages 5 and up. 

Stay tuned for more information!

Volunteer Opportunities


Join in the fun as part of the crew! Flex your muscles during set-up or take-down, assist at the photo booth or monitor the buffet supplies, assist with the crafts or run the games. There's lots of fun ways to participate!


Fastelavn is presented by

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