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June 2024 Nordic Northwest Board of Directors Meeting Highlights

The Board of Directors is honored to add Erik Kiaer and Kirsten Leonard to the Nordic Northwest Board with their terms beginning October 1.

Bob Evenson, Chair of the Facilities Committee presented a proposal to add storage space to Nordia House. After discussion this issue was referred to the Strategic Visioning Task Force – Campus Site Planning. The Facilities Committee reviewed three proposals for janitorial service and recommended Millennium Building Services continue as the vendor, a motion that was passed. The Facilities Committee also recommended to hire Phoenix Habitats to provide professional expertise for the Nordic Northwest Campus Wildlife Habitat Restoration project, a motion that was also passed.

Strategic Visioning Task Force members gave an update on their progress to date with the last meetings focus upon the scope/focus of Nordic Northwest’s mission and vision. May financial statements were reviewed and for the first two months of the fiscal year performance is better than budgeted. Guidelines for preparing committee and board minutes were presented and discussed. Furthermore, Nordic Northwest has obtained supplemental trademark status, with Nordia House and ScanFair trademarks pending approval. Plans for Troll Ole Bolle's first birthday celebrations are underway, alongside updates on fundraising initiatives.

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