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Kids Walking Sticks - Midsummer edition

Submitted by the Sara Winter

Kids Walking sticks! Kävelykeppi! Stok! Käpp! Spaserstokk! gangandi stafur!

Last Year’s Midsummer brought record numbers. Oaks park was buzzing flower crowns, music and good food. The Children’s area brought facepainting, games and crafts. A most popular activity was walking sticks! Thanks to The Fogelbo Trolls, children of all ages created walking sticks with sticks from the Nordic NW property. The perfect companion for summer exploring!

Making your own walking stick:

· Find the perfect stick.

· Gather materials. We used washi tape, duck tape, stickers, string, beads, feathers, and pipe cleaners. You could use paint too! Use your imagination!

· Start designing! We tied string strung with beads, wrapped washi tape, and attached pipe cleaners, even pompoms!

· Use it for all your summer exploring!

How did this project work out for you? Let us know by sharing your photos with us and tagging @nordicnorthwest!


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