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Summer Lanterns

Submitted by the Sara Winter

When the sun goes down on your midsummer party, light your very own lantern!

Supplies for Summer lanterns:

· Balloons

· Tissue paper

· Watered down Elmer’s glue or mod podge

· Foam Brush

· Wire for hanging

· Battery tea light candle

Steps for making lanterns:

1. Blow up the balloon. This will be the ‘mold’ for your lantern so find the size you like. Using a cup or bowl it can sit into will help you as you go.

2. Paint the balloon with a thick layer of mod podge or watered-down glue. (if you are using watered down glue, mix about ½ water ½ glue until combined). We used Metaliic glue for a little extra glow but plain white glue is great!

3. Cover with tissue paper. We found it easiest to have your tissue paper into squares. You can cut fancy shapes, or just tear it in strips or pieces. Leave an opening at the top where the balloon is tied. The opening can be as large or small as you like but needs to be large enough to fit your candle into.

4. Cover the layer of tissue paper with another thick layer of glue. Then add another layer of tissue paper. Repeat with at least 6 layers. Finish with a layer of glue. Note: The tissue does not need to be glued down at every spot, you can use the glue layer to smooth everything down.

5. Hang to dry. Ours toke a good 12-24 hours to dry completely.

6. When completely dry, pop and discard balloon. At this point you can trim the top edge if you like or leave it as is. Pock two holes on each side, near the top and add hanging wire. We used a galvanized steel wire. I secured the wire by curling the wire ends on the inside of the lantern.

7. Add a tea light (battery) to inside. Note: Have a wet towel nearby while making these. It’s good to quickly wipe glue off hands.

How did this project work out for you? Let us know by sharing your photos with us and tagging @nordicnorthwest!


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