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Make Your Own Himmeli

As seen in the Pippi Longstocking Room at ScanFair!

Back in the day, himmelis hung above dining tables to ensure a good crop for the coming year, and stayed on display from Christmas till Midsummer. Even though different versions of this straw mobile can be found in other Nordic countries, the himmeli is considered the quintessential traditional Finnish Christmas decoration. Here’s how to make your own!

Be sure to stop by Nordia House to get your free materials! (Each kit makes two himmeli)


*12 pieces of straw

Note: (At Scanfair, we use thin 5 inch stir sticks/straws that are cut in half to make 2 1/2” pieces)

*1 piece of string, roughly 4 feet. (We use single strand embroidery thread. Needs to thread through the straw to be able to tie)


Thread 3 pieces onto string and tie,

leaving 2 inches of string on one end.

String on 2 more pieces and tie.

Keep going, treading 2 straws at a time to make a total of 5 triangles. Tie at string at each triangle point.

Thread on the last single straw and tie 2 loose strings together.

Cut string, using remaining piece to tie 2 triangles together (point a and b in photo).


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