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Happy Father's Day!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Happy Father's Day! This week, we are celebrating paternal bonds and being a dad with this special blog post!

Our current exhibit at Nordia House, Swedish Dads, is a photo series by Photographer Johan Bävman. Swedish Dads focuses on the men who have chosen to stay home with their children for more than six months with the assistance of Sweden’s unique parental allowance. Bävman has captured the moments—intimate, domestic, mundane, sweet, chaotic—that form the day for parents of young children.

We are inspired by the joy and love captured in the photographs by Bävman. This Father’s Day we hope that families of all shapes and sizes celebrate the love that they have for each other and for the father’s in their lives.

See the current exhibit at Nordia House via our virtual tour, and check out some special slides from the artist below!

Continue your celebration of Father's Day with a fun and printable word search!

Fathers Day Wordsearch
Download PDF • 138KB

We asked our staff to share their favorite memories of their fathers, here's what they had to say:

"Some of my favorite memories of my father are of him reading to me, one arm around my shoulders as his other hand holds the book, his stockinged feet rubbing each other rhythmically extended on the table in front of us and his head slightly tilted, his glasses perched low on his nose. That was the height of love and comfort, and every time he'd chuckle to himself my head would bounce a little with the reverberation until I was smiling too, even if I didn't understand why the words themselves were funny."

- Christine Beaulieu, Events Support

"One of my favorite memories is spending the summers in the garden with my best friend’s father, Michael. He really inspired my love of nature."

- Trisha Danforth, Program and Exhibit Coordinator

"One of my favorite memories is spending weekends in the summer making and flying kites with my father, Peter. He inspired my love of crafts and hobbies."

– Erik Loop, Database Coordinator

My deep appreciation of my Swedish Father for being a single parent and raising me and my five siblings. We were a handful, all born in the 1960s and full of energy and some trouble. Thanks Dad for being there."

– Jodi Lippert, Executive Director


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