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Oregon Midsummer Festival 2021

Welcome to our celebration of Oregon Midsummer Festival! We're so excited to share this sold out celebration of summer with our guests at Fogelbo & Nordia House this year! If you are celebrating at home this year, we have prepared a special collection of fun activities for you and your loved ones below. Happy summer!

First, get ready for Midsummer by making your own flower crown! Here is a quick tutorial on how to create a flower crown of your own.


Next, read about the history of Midsummer and how the Summer solstice in the Nordic regions.


Learn how to make bløtkake (Norwegian whipped cream cake) from Cook + Eat Committee's own Pam Hankins!

Celebrate Midsummer with the perfect cake! This Norwegian bløtkake is made of fresh strawberries and layered with whipped cream. Enjoy as Pam Hankins from the Cook and Eat Committee shows you how to make it!

Ingredients for the cake:

- 3/4 Cup (87 g) Cake Flour

- 3/4 Cup (150 g) Sugar

- 4 Eggs (large, room temp)

- 3/4 t Cream of Tartar

- 1 t Vanilla

- 1/4 Salt

- 1 T Water (room temp)

Topping Ingredients:

- 3 Cups Strawberries, chopped (495 g)

- 1 1/4 Cups Powdered Sugar (140 g)

- 2 oz (55 g) Cottage Cheese

- 1 t Vanilla

- 1 1/2 Cups Whipping Cream


Make your own fun Midsummer cocktails with Rolling River Spirits' master distiller, Tim Rickard!


Lastly, enjoy the live stream of the raising of the maypole at Fogelbo!

Share your experience at Oregon Midsummer Festival (either at Nordia House or at home) by tagging us on Instagram (@nordicnorthwest) and use the hashtag #oregonmidsummer to be featured!

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